Head Office: 5 Bramlands Close, London, SW11 2NR

DX: 58567 Clapham Junction

Tel: 0207 350 2600

Fax: 0207 350 2800


Madagans team of locksmiths are available throughout the year, 24/7 providing required locksmith solution for you, including door repairs and emergency lock changes. We can send out a locksmith to your door when either you have simply lost your keys or you have had someone break into your property.

Lock & KeyOur team of locksmiths are located all over the south of England so that in the event of a break in, we can not only repair your lock but in cases of split doors we are also able to either repair the door or arrange to have it replaced if the damage is excessive.


The Madagans Group not only offer locksmith services but we can also install CCTV systems. Our DVD quality digital CCTV systems can usually hold up to around 31 days of footage, Madagans Locksmith vanand because they are digital there is no need to change any tapes as all the footage is held on a hard-drive. We can provide cameras with night vision technology if needed for outdoors and most cameras work at high resolutions with a minimum of 520 TVL (Tele Vision Lines).

With well fitted locks and CCTV you can rest assured that your property is well secured. To find out more about these services then get in contact with us using the details provided on our contact page.

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