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Landlord/Agent Lettings

Do you want to end a Tenancy, do you have a tenant/s that may be in rent arrears, in breach of their tenancy agreement, difficult tenants or do you want vacant possession of your property?

We can assist you in the eviction of your Tenant in various ways:

Accelerated Possession Procedure (Section 21)

This is usually the most popular procedure due to no "court hearing" (in most cases) if you are looking to evict your tenant/s and do not intend to reclaim rent arrears (although you can at a later date if you believe that they do have the means to pay) then this would be the simplest way to proceed. Below are guidelines that you must have followed to successfully evict your tenant:

  1. The Tenant has come to the end of his tenancy
  2. That you have issued a Section 21 Notice before the end of the tenancy agreement
  3. No new tenancy or an extended tenancy has been offered
  4. The Section 21 Notice has been served correctly

Required Documents needed

  1. A copy of you Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (commencing after 1997)
  2. A Copy of the Section 21 Notice
  3. A copy of all letters sent to your tenant regarding arrears (if applicable)
  4. A Witness Statement, Statement of Truth, on how the Section 21 Notice was served to the tenant
  5. A Copy of the Rent Deposit Scheme and reference number (if applicable)

If your tenant has still not vacated the property.

Please contact us on the 0207 350 2600 or email sales@madagans.com

Enforcement of existing Possession Order

Alternatively, if you already have an Order of Possession and would like to enforce the Order then we can arrange this on your behalf by way of:

  1. County Court Bailiff
  2. HCEO

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